How Do I Work With A Friend?

Why you shouldn’t make friends at work?

Work can become an unprofessional environment when you friend a coworker—too much chit chat and not enough focus on the job can get you and your friend in trouble.

Ironically, having a friend in the office stand up for you can also garner resentment from others..

Are work friends real friends?

“Only 15% of people believe they have a ‘real’ friend at work.” … 20% are Only At Work Friends. We sit at lunch together, we talk about our families, but after work, we have separate lives. 15% are Real Friends.

When friends hurt your feelings?

If it happens again, then you may want to calmly (but firmly) tell your friend that what he says is hurting your feelings. Remember that you are friends for a reason. Try not to let one isolated incident ruin your friendship. Be honest to yourself, if this person isn’t a good friend, let them go.

Is it a good idea to work with friends?

Having friends at work can increase job satisfaction, performance and productivity, research shows. But you might want to avoid becoming too close with your colleagues. “You don’t need to be best buds,” said Amy Cooper Hakim, an industrial-organizational psychology practitioner and workplace expert.

How do I stop being friends with someone I work with?

One easy way to do this is to isolate the problematic friendship in your mind. Keep the issue separate from your work life and your home life. Only think about the problem when you are planning to do something to deal with the situation. Resist the urge to badmouth your former friend.

How do I deal with an emotional friend?

6 Ways To Keep Your Cool When Dealing With Overly Emotional PeopleDon’t: Call them too emotional. … Do: Ask what they’re feeling. … Don’t: Say, “I know how you feel,” if you don’t. … Do: Say you want to understand how they feel. … Don’t: Get angry. … Do: Say it’s okay. … Don’t: Try to combat the emotions with logic.More items…•

How do I supervise my friend at work?

How to Supervise FriendsPull your friend(s) aside and explain to them that you won’t treat them any differently than anyone else. … Keep the social life out of the workplace. … Avoid whispering and private conversations. … Be prepared to be snubbed by some of your friends. … Don’t let emotions sway you.

Should a boss be friends with employees?

Hi Curious Professional, The relationship a manager has with an employee is definitely not a friendship, which may be described as a two-way street. … When you’re the boss, you need to care personally about each employee, but you also need to provide appropriate challenges and opportunities for growth.

How do you correct an employee?

Here are six tips on how successful managers pull it off:1) Strike A Balanced Approach. … 2) Resist The Urge To Say ‘I’m Right, You’re Wrong’ … 3) Correct The Employee In Private. … 4) Understand Why The Mistake Was Made. … 5) Always Get The Employee Involved In The Fix. … 6) Reframe The Mistake In A Teachable Moment.

How do you discipline an employee who is a friend?

Friend and Boss: How to discipline employees when they are also your friendsUtilize Your Personal Knowledge. Having an established relationship with the employee you need to discipline puts you at a unique advantage. … Act as Soon as Possible. … Get to the Heart of The Matter. … Build Them Up. … Let Things Settle Down.

When to call it quits in a friendship?

“If you find that you’re sitting at lunch with a friend and wishing you stayed home or had spent time with other people, ask yourself why,” says Levine. “If you consistently think things like that while you’re out with your friend, then you should consider ending the friendship.”