Is Kmart Australia Owned?

Who owns Kmart Australia?

WesfarmersKmart Australia/Parent organizations.

Is Kmart in Australia the same as Kmart USA?

There is a popular retail chain in Australia called Kmart, and it’s unrelated to the American company of the same name. Despite having the same name and similar branding, the two stores have nothing to do with each other.

Is Kmart owned by Coles?

In 1978 Coles acquired full ownership of the Australian K-Mart operation and in 1994 bought back all shares Kmart Corporation held in Coles Myer. A long-term licensing agreement allows Coles Group to use the Kmart name.

Who owns Kmart now?

TransformcoKmart/Parent organizations

Are there any Kmart stores left in the United States?

The remaining Kmart location are clustered in isolated locations with about 25 in just five states: California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. And 11 are in U.S. territories: Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam. Michigan, the original home of Kmart, has one remaining store.

Is Australia owned by America?

America. Australia being a registered corporation in the United States of America.