Question: Did Zoro Kill Mr 7?

Does anyone in Luffy’s crew die?

As Oda has already stated in his interview in 2017 that one of the Straw hats will die by the end of the one piece.

The man who will be the Pirate King.

Even though no one is willing to see Luffy die, but the chances of him dying are the most..

Who defeats Kuma in one piece?

Luffy’s actually never “defeated” Kuma-boy. He’s only clashed with him once, because he was trying to stop him from sending his nakama away. Luffy before the 2 year skip was completely outmatched by Kuma, let alone a Pacifista (whom is “weaker” because it’s a machine without a mind to react quickly).

Does Zoro ever leave the crew?

He is the most loyal member of the strawhats, and vowed to never lose again, while promising to help luffy. Later, he was even prepared to take all of Luffy’s pain, which should have killed him, but his sheer dedication and discipline allowed him to keep going, so no, he won’t leave the crew.

Can Zoro beat Luffy?

Oda Sensei clearly hints that Zoro is stronger than Luffy in terms of endurance in the Thriller Bark arc. Even before that, Zoro and Luffy had near equal fights (although they were cut short). After the time skip, Zoro has literally been sleeping throughout the New World, all of his opponents have been amateur for him.

Is Kuma a good guy?

Well he’s technically a good guy because he’s working with the government and not a wanted pirate anymore. But as far as good guy to the straw hat crew, he probably wants to see Dragon’s son change the world and end the corruption of the World Government. He’s probably more amused than anything.

Who is the strongest warlord in one piece?

One Piece: Top 10 Strongest Shichibukai Ranked According To Strength1 Marshall D. Teach.2 Dracule Mihawk. … 3 Donquixote Doflamingo. … 4 Boa Hancock. … 5 Edward Weevil. … 6 Trafalgar Law. … 7 Jinbe. … 8 Bartholomew Kuma. … More items…•

Did Kuina really die?

It was his goal to be as good as her. They promised that one of them would become the greatest swordsman in the world. Kuina’s body after her death. However, the day after making their vow, Zoro learned she had fallen down the stairs and died.

How did Sanji die?

lung cancerJust When you love him most, after he finally discovers All-Blue, Sanji will die due to lung cancer.

How did Zoro die?

And with that, Mihawk grinned, and slashed Zoro down, causing a large scar going from his left shoulder all the way down to his right hip, ending the duel. It’s still too early for you to die. My name is Dracule Mihawk! Discover your true self, the true world, become stronger!

Did Zoro kill Kaku?

Kaku is defeated by Zoro’s Asura. … Zoro then passed on a message from Paulie to CP9, telling Kaku that he and the rest of CP9 were fired.

Will Zoro betray Luffy?

He will never fully betray Luffy. Zoro was willing to give up his life and dream for his crew at Thriller Bark, and put aside his pride as a swordsman to train with his rival Mihawk in order to get stronger. Zorro already betrayed Luffy, and even defeated Sanji in one of the One Piece movies.

Why did Kuma kill Luffy?

Zoro assumed (for a good reason) that Kuma was going to kill Luffy and attacked. … He was there as a form of insurance policy because the government didn’t want another warlord to be beaten by a pirate, let alone Luffy. He was also there to inform Moria of Blackbeard becoming a shichibukai due to capturing Ace.