Question: How Much Is Telstra TV Per Month?

Can I buy Telstra TV in store?

If you’re already with Telstra, you can buy Telstra TV outright for $216 from the Telstra website or through your local Telstra store..

Is Netflix free on Telstra TV?

Get your movies, TV shows, sport and music all in one place with new Telstra TV. Stream Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now and Kayo, watch free-to-air & catch up TV, and more. It’s your TV, made smarter.

What is free on Telstra TV?

Telstra TV brings together the biggest brands in entertainment – you can stream movies, TV shows, live sport, music and more, plus watch free to air TV. … This includes free-to-air, catch up TV, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan, Kayo Sports, Telstra TV Box Office, Hayu, Animelab, Garage Entertainment and DocPlay.

Can you use Telstra TV with other Internet providers?

Telstra has decided to break down barriers and allow any customer, regardless of their internet provider, the chance to use its Telstra TV device. … This includes free-to-air, catch up TV, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan, Kayo Sports, Telstra TV Box Office, Hayu, Animelab, Garage Entertainment and DocPlay,” the company says.

Can I watch live TV on Telstra TV?

Telstra TV allows you to access the catch-up and live streaming for the Free to Air channels so that you can watch what you want, when you want. Telstra TV customers also have access to 6 months of free Netflix.

Is ALDImobile as good as Telstra?

ALDImobile uses the Telstra network, but its customers rate its network coverage higher than Telstra customers do – so while the smaller players all use one of the big three mobile networks (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) it seems the quality of overall customer service is still what make users happy.

Is Telstra TV free to use?

With a Smart TV you’re likely to have to subscribe to each paid streaming app individually. … And while we’re talking about added value, the Telstra TV device itself is included in the Telstra’s $99 per month unlimited data Home Internet Entertainment Bundle, which also comes with a 24 month Foxtel subscription included.

What is the cheapest Telstra plan?

$25 per month currently gets you 10GB on a 12-month contract plan. This is one of the best budget deals we’ve seen on the Telstra network. In terms of prepaid, Telstra’s $30 20GB recharge is good value, and comes with a 15GB bonus on your first five recharge.

What is the best Telstra bundle?

Best Telstra TV bundle If you want to add entertainment to your plan, Telstra’s $99 per month plan is your best bet. On top of unlimited data and Standard Plus speeds (for NBN customers), Telstra will throw in a Telstra TV 3 set-top box.

What does $30 Telstra Prepaid get you?

Telstra Pre-Paid CompleteRecharge Amount$30Expiry28 daysData Allowance8GBData Allowance For use in Australia onlyData BankSave up to 200GB of unused data when you recharge $30+ before expiry. Active recharge required to access Data Bank.14 more rows

Is Telstra TV any good?

Quick Verdict: The updated Telstra TV does a good job of covering most of the streaming TV essentials, but Telstra’s tight grip on additional apps and video casting means that there are still better options, and it’s best suited for those who can score one cheap on a broadband contract.

Can I use Telstra TV without Telstra account?

In order to use Telstra TV you’ll need a Telstra ID to activate it, although despite Telstra’s claims a Telstra broadband connection isn’t strictly required for the Telstra TV to operate. You won’t, however, get the quota free parts of Telstra TV’s streaming services if you’re with another ISP.

Which is better Apple TV or Telstra TV?

The Apple TV is a better device IMHO. In regards to the streaming services, Telstra don’t provide any, they are additional subscriptions directly with the provider, just like Netflix. The Telstra TV just provide the apps to access said services. That being said, the catch-ups are free.

How do I activate my Telstra TV?

Open the URL on your computer, tablet or smartphone.Enter in the activation code you see on your TV screen.Once the code matches, enter in your Telstra ID username and password.If your Telstra TV has a tuner, select My antenna is connected.More items…

Can you record with Telstra TV?

Can I record movies and TV shows with the Telstra TV? Telstra TV does not have the ability to set recording for movies and TV shows. However, with Live Pause you are able to pause and rewind free-to-air live TV for up to 30 minutes.

What is the best Telstra prepaid plan?

Telstra might not be the best value prepaid provider around, but if you’d like to stick with Big T, the $40 Prepaid Complete recharge is a good choice with 18GB of data….This Telstra prepaid plan includes:Unlimited talk and text.18GB.Data banking up to 200GB.28-day expiry.

What channels do you get with Telstra TV?

Things you can watch on Telstra TV 2 include:All available Free To Air TV channels,9Now app.Plus 7 app.Tenplay app.ABC iView.SBS On Demand.Netflix.Stan.More items…•