Question: Is Selling Recharge Card Profitable?

Where can I buy recharge card PIN in Nigeria?

List of major recharge card pin dealers in NigeriaSoniaTelicom.

Office Address: 15a, Eka Street, Opolo, Yenagoa, Bayelsa.Love World Limited.

Royal Communication Limited.

Tobek Communications.

OneLink Telekoms.

Recharge Cards Online.

Murphy Communication.

Murphy Telecom.More items…•.

How can I succeed in recharge and get paid?

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM RECHARGE AND GET PAIDNon Referral biz.++ Immediately u register you earn 20% of your registration money.++ You earn 2% of all recharges u do either on your line or other people’s line.++ You earn 10% on all data purchases either on your line or other people’s lines.More items…

How do I start a recharge card business?

What are the primary tools for starting the business?The working laptop or computer with stable internet connection.Valid e-mail address.Recharge card printing machine. -printing press.A3/A4 paper for printing out the recharge cards.Software for de-encrypting the pin codes which are sent to you.Starting capital.

How legit is recharge and get paid?

Recharge and Get Paid is no SCAM stuff. You just need to learn how it works before you get started. You can start earning at least N15,000 (I mean 15k) weekly from the website if you apply what works. Yes, don’t be misled.

How does recharge and get paid work?

When you recharge Airtime, subscribe for a Data plan or pay for cable TV, you get some percentage paid back as commission. When you help others recharge Airtime, Data or pay for cable TV, you get paid. Anytime you introduce people into this business, you get paid 20% of their registration money.More items…

How can I reuse my MTN recharge card?

dial *555*0000 the last 8digits pin of the recharge card# then send. it will surely enter twice.

How can I make $100 a day?

If you’re interested in earning money online and in your spare time, check out these 21 ways you can earn $100 or more per day:#1: Google Adsense. … #2: Text Links. … #4: Affiliate Marketing. … #5: Display Ads. … #6: Freelance Writing. … #7: Getting New Clients for Your Business. … #9: Selling Leads. … #10: Digital Products.More items…•

Who is the CEO of recharge and get paid?

Nelly’s Telecommunications Business FACT about RAGP CEO Mr. Ositadinma. 1. He Gained Admission into the University But his parents couldn’t Raise #13, 000 for Registration as such He lost that opportunity.

How can I earn money from recharge card printing business?

Small Scale Recharge (Recharge Card Printing): This is the one you can start with #100,000 and make mega profit….What you need to start this business are:A desktop or laptop computers.Internet access.Printing software.Printer.Recharge PINs.

Is there gain in recharge card business?

Profit In Recharge Card Business However, if you start the wholesale with N150,000 and sell to retailers, you are sure to sell N100,000 worth of cards everyday as long as you have good customer base. … Therefore, N100,000 cards will earn you N5x1000 = N5,000 per day which is a good gain!

How much is recharge card printing?

Universal Software For Printing Recharge Vouchers Prints Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile etc and supports MTN 16-digits and 17-digits pins. You will need a license key to activate and use the software. It can print 10, 20 or 40 vouchers per page. Activation Key Costs N9,500.

What business can I start with 100k?

100 Business Ideas To Start With 100k Or LessOrganic Drink Production And Sales. … Phone Charging Business. … Production Of Organic Skincare Products. … Production And Sales Of Bedsheet And Pillowcase. … Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services. … E-payments/POS Business (Agent Banking) … Grilling Business. … Barbing Saloon.More items…