What Kind Of Cars Do Undercover Cops Drive?

How can you tell an undercover cop car?

Unmarked police car checklistCar is three years old or less.Clean and in great condition.Unmodified, plain colour.Often a driver and a passenger.Will track behind at a constant speed.Normal number plates – i.e.

not personalised.Lights behind the front grille.Lots of instruments/machines on the dashboard..

What do unmarked police cars do?

What are unmarked police cars? An unmarked police car is a car that has no markings to distinguish the difference between the police car and a normal civilian’s car. These cars are able to stop vehicles but in order to comply with the law, the officer inside the car must be in uniform.

Do all undercover cops have special license plates?

Unmarked cars use police government plates. … In California you have “marked” units (black and whites) and “unmarked” units or “Detective Cars.” Both have “California Exempt” plates meaning, “Hey! We’re cops!” A truly undercover cop would have a totally normal looking car with plates to match.

What cars do undercover cops use?

But there are a handful of favorites, and if you see one of these, immediately start searching for more signs.Ford Crown Victoria.Ford Explorer.Dodge Charger (The LX platform, not the classic one)Ford Taurus.Chevy Tahoe.Chevy Impala.Chevy Caprice (The new one. It is ONLY available to Law Enforcement)