Which Degree Is Equivalent To B Tech?

What is equivalent school?

“High school degree or equivalent” means you need to have at least finished high school (grade 12 in the United States), or have a GED – a general equivalency diploma..

Why is it called a Bachelor of Arts?

A Bachelor of Arts (BA or AB; from the Latin baccalaureus artium or artium baccalaureus) is a bachelor’s degree awarded for an undergraduate program in the arts and sciences. … A Bachelor of Arts is generally completed in three or four years, depending on the country and institution.

Which is better BTech or degree?

BTech (bachelor of technology) is a technical professional degree (engineering) which has good career prospects. … Hi, BTech is a better option as compared to the BSc course. BTech (bachelor of technology) is a technical professional degree (engineering) which has good career prospects.

What is B Tech called in UK?

A Bachelor of Engineering (abbreviated as B.E., B.Eng. or B.A.I. in Latin form) is a first professional undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student after three to five years of studying engineering at an accredited university.

What is equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree?

When it says or equivalent it means the employer is looking for a Bachelor’s degree or any amount of experience, knowledge, and skills that will enable you to perform the tasks of the job proficiently.

What is B Tech called in USA?

Bachelor of ScienceB. Tech in US is called Bachelor of Science(BS).

Is Indian bachelor degree Recognised in USA?

“The Indian three-year bachelor’s degree is not given equivalence (it’s not considered equal to the degree the student wants to study for) for a majority of applications for graduate programmes in the US.

What is equivalent qualification?

Equivalent Qualification: Another option offered by TVET is an equivalent, but alternative, qualification to the National Senior Certificate (Matric). Called the National Certificate Vocational (NCV), this qualification is NQF Level 4, just like Matric. This means that it is an equivalent qualification.

Is bed a PG course?

Ed or Bachelor of Education is a two year course that is pursued after completing graduation in any stream. B. Ed is a postgraduate degree course that is studied in order to gain experience and necessary skills to become a teacher.

What is equivalent subject?

If a course is viewed as equal or more challenging in subject and course material than the course offered by the receiving college or university, the course can be noted as an equivalent course. A course equivalency can be unilateral, meaning it is deemed equivalent by the receiver.

Is BTech equal to degree?

B. Tech from a recognised university is treated equivalent to graduation degree in the field of engineering and technology and B. Tech grads are eligible for all government jobs and higher studies where the eligibility criteria is graduation degree.

Which degree is equivalent to bed?

degree. In some states there is Licentiate in Teaching (L.T.), which is considered equivalent to the B. Ed. degree.